rolex explorer 1 review

rolex explorer 1 review

The retail sales price usually includes a relatively high retailer margin, which represents a markup to the market value of a watch. Top-quality craftsmanship is also evident in the bracelet. Rolex is renowned for its precision, and the watch we tested did not disappoint in this area. 14270 that followed was a step in a more formal direction. Born of a time where a watch needed little more than three hands, today's Explorer can trace its roots back to 1953 with a ground-breaking expedition to the world's highest peak. Although it doesn’t have the bells and whistles or any features that are specifically tailored to one activity or sport, the Explorer remains one of the purest sports watch by Rolex. The relatively simple three piece case (bezel, band, and back) is clearly strong and rigid. Entdecken Sie die Rolex Explorer Modelle. By Worthy Staff | Apr 16th, 2019. Within that opinion, the Explorer's continued use of this thinner lug case helps to speak directly to its "all killer, no filler" vibe. Looking into the future, Rolex opted to hang onto the six-digit reference (214270) despite the updates described below. 214270 (above), is one of the more subtle pieces in today's Rolex line. The Rolex Explorer is a prolific watch. It’s based on the familiar Caliber 3135 with date display, which powers the Submariner, the Sea-Dweller 4000 and the Datejust. As with nearly all Rolex watches, the flat, sapphire crystal rises above the plane of the bezel, but its perimeter is beveled to deflect the force of a blow. It is also claimed to be 10 times less susceptible to vibrations than a conventional hairspring. In 1971, the Explorer II is introduced and, in the same spirit as the Explorer, it perpetuates the privileged relationship that Rolex enjoys with exploration. Galerie ansehen. Either way, with production spanning only five or so years, this is a notable reference and may prove to be collectable some time in the future. Note the lack of "Explorer" on the dial. So those are the roots, but what do we get today (and why)? It's long-standing, straightforward, and, even among its much-loved siblings, it is iconic. When it was released at Baselworld way back in 2011, the Explorer II Ref.216570 was the first watch from Rolex to utilise their then new Calibre 3187. Together with our colleagues of WatchTime, here is a complete review of the Rolex Explorer 1 39mm ref. 8 Fotos. The crystal has no nonreflective treatment, which would have improved the legibility, but the rhodium-plated and slightly curved gold hands (with a Mercedes-logo-like circle on the hour hand) clearly contrast with the matte black dial. Interested in other watches? The Rolex Explorer – historical perspective . As early as the 1930s, explorers and mountaineers who attempted to summit Everest have been known to wear Rolex Explorers. However, there’s more from Rolex to this year (in fact, there’s a lot). The result of these updates make the so-called "MKII" 214270 Explorer (dubbed so due to the fact that Rolex updated the reference without changing its number) feel more balanced, a bit sportier, and overall more comfortable in its 39mm sizing. The Rolex Explorer 1016 sprawls on a table, a scant few years shy of its 30 th birthday, appearing much as it did when it was produced in 1989.. An odd paradox of a watch by this time, its ultimate year of production, for it must have looked like something from so long ago, but yet it bore, and still bears, that newish look of a semi-modern Rolex. On the bracelet it wears a bit heavy (I don't commonly wear any of my watches on a bracelet), but the Oyster is a solid option that doesn't overpower the Explorer on wrist. The Explorer is one pure unit of Rolex sport watch. Please like, share, and subscribe! The Parachrom hairspring is made of a blue niobium-zircon alloy and is immune to the influence of magnetic fields. Hands down – Rolex’s most versatile modern watch. Charakteristisch für die Uhr war von Beginn an vor allem das schwarze Zifferblatt mit seinen großen arabischen Ziffern bei der 3, 6 und 9. The perfect storm of Rolex’s value increase and the vintage market renaissance has made it difficult to locate a 1016 below the five figure mark. For this 2016 edition of Baselworld, fans of Rolex are – with good reasons – mainly focusing on the introduction of a new Daytona in steel, now with a black ceramic bezel. 6.999 € Kostenloser Versand. Rolex Explorer Full Set LC100 V Serie #304. These earliest Explorer models were provided by Rolex for testing on the expedition that saw Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay conquer Mt. A 1956 reference 6610 with a lovely gilt dial. In what started as a real-world prototype of the eventual Explorer, the 36mm 6150 barely pre-dates the 6350 (both use the same A296 movement, which was also in Norgay's 6098 on Everest) and would later replace it entirely as the Explorer matured towards the 6610. Rolex als Wertanlage. This Rolex Explorer watch review analyzes the history of the model and its advantages in extreme conditions. Originally upsized to 39mm (from the 36mm 114270) in 2010, I'm a bit mixed on whether or not the Explorer really needed the extra size. The Rolex Explorer 1 underwent more improvements over the years and, beginning with the 1989 model, it was also designed to be more luxurious. Greg Bedrosian. (Photo: Courtesy Phillips). The Explorer II features a date display, an additional orange 24-hour hand and a fixed bezel with 24-hour graduations, … This is the first time that Rolex has installed the system in a steel watch. Die Rolex Explorer wird von Uhrenliebhabern aufgrund ihrer Robustheit, Zuverlässigkeit und ihres klaren Designs geschätzt. Bear with me here, as this is less about actual competition and more of a thought exercise. Rolex Datejust vs. Submariner: Comparing Apples and Oranges. Even at its somewhat larger (but still not all that large) sizing, the Explorer is arguably Rolex's last classic steel sport watch under 40mm. If the Rolex Explorer ref. Rolex, you work in mysterious ways. The earliest models were based on Rolex Bubblebacks and there were several early Oyster models that said "Explorer" on the dial (though, you'll notice, the 6098 taken to the peak of Everest did not). This is the first phase of the Explorer as it exists today in the modern Rolex line up. The 1016 also gave us some seriously collectible Explorers, including the exceedingly rare "Space-Dweller." This is the quintessential Explorer reference. The price for the Rolex Explorer I 214270 is $6,550 and you can learn more about its story, Rolex, and exploration on the website. Indeed, the 6350 could be ordered with special oil to keep the movement running in a wide temperature range of -20C to 40C (-4f to 104f). The hand shape and the simple but elegant dial layout are matched by 100m water resistance and an excellent in-house Grand Seiko movement with 72 hours of power reserve. A sturdy balance bridge replaces a conventional cantilevered balance cock. The 1950s were a decade of adventure. Entdecken Sie die Explorer II Armbanduhr in Edelstahl Oystersteel auf der offiziellen Website von Rolex. Rolex stellte die Explorer II erstmals im Jahr 1971 vor. Rolex Explorer 1 I Edelstahl Automatic Automatik Saphirglas. Cool Finds: ultra-rare early Rolex Submariner ref. It just works. (and in our Talking Watches with Mr. Réne Beyer himself). The watch’s new size is just right: the dial’s proportions look good in the enlarged case. It was developed out of Rolex’s obsession with exploration, hence its appropriate name. It's a bit smaller and uses a much less prestigious movement, but the Black Bay 36 has a charm all its own. I agree to my personal data being stored and used to receive the newsletter or other updates about Monochrome Watches. How about you get hours, minutes, and seconds, and just be cool about it? Rolex’s crown-shaped logo is laser-etched into the crystal at the “6” as proof of the watch’s authenticity. 2021 Monochrome, An online magazine dedicated to fine watches, Stay up to date with the latest post and updates. Today’s Rolex Explorer, Ref. Hands-on review & original photos from Baselworld 2016 of the Rolex Explorer 214270 watch with price, background, specs, & expert analysis. But it does offer an excellent alternative with similar charm. So what do think of this Rolex Explorer vs Datejust comparison review? The minute hand is especially problematic: the one on the previous Explorer extends all the way to the minute circle, but the tip of this one falls quite a long way from it. I’ve always had trouble buying into all the Mount Everest ethos and cave spelunking marketing surrounding the Explorer. Launched in 2010, the 214270 upped the size from 36mm to 39mm, added solid end links to the Oyster bracelet, and updated the movement to the modern caliber 3132. The Polaris Automatic may not stand as a legacy design totem to the Jaeger brand, but it does hit that difficult blend of sporty and elegant, especially on the bracelet. The 214270 Explorer carries a list price of $6550 and competition at this price point is pretty fierce. Die nur ganz leicht gebogenen Hörner und das 11mm flache Gehäuse tragen nicht unerheblich dazu bei. It's well matched in thickness and weight and the fit and finish are both exacting and tool-ish. All bridges and plates are coated with a layer of rhodium and their edges are beveled and polished. A 1953 reference 6350 with the collectible "Honeycomb" dial. The movement inside the Rolex Explorer I 214270 is the Rolex Caliber 3132, the same as in the Oyster Perpetual 39. Seven years later, the bathyscaph Trieste descended to the planet’s deepest point: the bottom of the Marianas Trench, more than 35,000 feet below sea level. For lives that blur the line between peace and peril, if the goal is a very solid watch with minimal pretense and near endless versatility, the Rolex Explorer remains one of the finest and most straightforward sport watches ever created. In fairness, however, we must disclose that we tested this watch in each position for only a half hour on the timing machine (not for 24 hours, as the COSC chronometer-testing authority does), and used that measured deviation to calculate the assumed variance over 24 hours. The Rolex Explorer is an interesting watch. While I love the 36mm sizing of the previous generations, the 214270 feels nicely balanced at 39mm. Subtle changes are always the name of the game in Rolex collecting and these dark numeral Explorers are easily the most collectible derivation of the 14270 reference. But it is a luxury watch and an exquisite work of art. If you're going to bandy about the term "iconic" the Explorer has undoubtedly earned its place on that list and it exemplifies the core of competency, design, and watchmaking that has made Rolex into the brand it is today. The latest version of the Rolex Explorer 1, launched in 2010 under the reference 214270, has a bigger case: 39 millimeters, versus the previous model’s 36 millimeters. This is 41mm of gorgeous JLC steel (especially with the blue dial). I really like the Club and the stranger Club Campus, but neither are strong competition against the appeal of the Explorer unless you're looking for a similar ethos with an entirely different take on design. And despite it being one of the less expensive and certainly one of the most minimal offerings in the brand's portfolio, the Explorer still has 100m water resistance with a Twinlock crown, excellent lume, and a case that looks especially svelte when viewed next to the much more burly cases of the modern Submariner, GMT-Master II, or its direct sibling, the 42mm 216570 Explorer II. Rolex Explorer I 214270 39mm Review. Like the clasp, it has a completely satin-finished upper surface and polished flanks, which ensure that it perfectly matches the case. We’ve got you covered with our buyer’s guide.Below a recap of my observations when looking into the different models, as I was pondering which one (if any) to grab. The dial is the distinctive face of a Rolex watch, the feature most responsible for its identity and readability. 6350 watches were only built for a year before being replaced with Rolex Ref. EU taxes) seems reasonable for a vastly updated watch that can ascend to the peak of a mountain and still look good peeking out from a shirt cuff under a business suit. take a look at this white dial version we highlighted at auction from Christie's back in 2013. The Explorer reference 214270, with its non-lumed 3, 6, and 9 and shorter handset. Modell: m216570-0002 Specially developed by Rolex, Oystersteel belongs to the 904L steel family – superalloys that are most commonly used in high technology such as in the aerospace and chemical industries. Rolex Preiserhöhung 2020: Das kosten Submariner, Daytona und Co. jetzt. The brushing shows a slight unevenness on the case band, especially between the lugs and should be more consistent in a watch of this cost. Sitting somewhere between a sports and a dress watch, the Explorer 1016 was in production for almost 30 years before being retired in … It’s simplistic in design, but it can also melt your face at the same time. Curiously, it bears the same reference number as its predecessor, both are Ref. Watches from Rolex come at a very high price, and Continue Reading. Gewerblicher Händler. Early pre-Explorers like Norgay's 6098 had white dials, and while it was never something that seemed to be produced in any considerable quantity, there are some white dial examples of the 6610 (see linked example above) and the 1016 on the market. While many may call upon the Omega Aqua Terra, the no-date and time only Railmaster (which Stephen reviewed right here) is a more interesting comparison that offers a design that is a better match for the quiet, casual elegance of the Explorer. 214270 MK2), which was first released at Baselworld 2016. That's a no, bro. Oystersteel is extremely resistant, offers an exceptional finish once polished and maintains its sheen even in the harshest environments. Being a Rolex Superlative Chronometer, COSC is not enough. This model is sometimes referred to as a “pre-Explorer”. This five-millimeter extension can be a welcome addition when your wrist expands after a workout or in hot weather. Taking a closer look at one of the most iconic and influential sport watches of all time. More so, I think it’s telling that Rolex elected to create an Explorer II instead of bending the Explorer aesthetic to fit the needs of the modern spelunker (in 1971 – though that's a story for another time). 6610, which was a bit smaller at 36mm, and which offered water resistance to a depth of 50 meters. Beyond rare and originally carrying an estimate of $10,000 to $16,000, this white-dial 6610 would later claim an impressive CHF 171,750 at auction. Coming in a bit over the Explorer at $7,560, the Polaris has a smaller power reserve, but you can see the in-house 898E/1 JLC caliber via an included display case back. It’s one of those been-everywhere-done-everything type of watches that Rolex is known for but retains a preternatural under-the-radar vibe that eludes many modern watches, Rolex or otherwise. While aesthetically very different from the Explorer, the Club is also not an example of NOMOS's core design (for that, consider the Tangente). No, it's not of comparable quality, it doesn't have nearly as high-end of a movement, it's not automatic, and it doesn't offer a bracelet, but it is is a simplified and elemental expression of its base design. For those who aren't ready to spend at the level of the Explorer (or perhaps have their name on a waiting list to get one), this sweet Hammy is a budget alternative with a look that is all its own. Herzlich Willkommen, im Rolex Explorer Ii Test oder Vergleich ( Testberichte) der Top Bestseller im Januar 2020.Unsere Bestseller sind die Produkte, welche sich gegen Ähnliche Modelle behaupten konnten, oft von anderen gekauft und für gut bzw. . Auf den Markt gebracht wurde das Modell im Jahr 1953, kurz nach der Erstbesteigung des Mount Everest durch Sir Edmund Hillary. Vorschlag: Mefo MFE 99 Explorer RF Rear 130/80 -18 72T. SHOP. Dabei seit 26.02.2016 Beiträge 1. While not available with a black dial or a bracelet, the 40mm NOMOS Club Automatic offers a sporty time-only watch with excellent legibility, an in-house movement, and a distinct wrist presence for $2,160, or about a third of what the Rolex costs. From a movement standpoint, it's exactly what I'd want in an Explorer. The rectangular indices for the hours are filled with luminous material, and a large luminous triangle at 12 o’clock provides orientation for reading the time in the dark, although the rhodium-plated digits 3, 6 and 9 have no luminous coating. 1950's Rolex ad for the Explorer Most people believe that the Explorer I was launched by Rolex for commemorating the Everest expedition and that this watch was with British explorer team consisting of Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay etc on 29th, May of 1953, achieving a great task of human being climbing. Averaging the values in all positions resulted in a daily gain of 3.7 seconds. (Rigidity is an important issue in maintaining water-resistance in use that involves impact that can distort the alignment of the case.) Do you need one? By no means a review of any of the models, purely some key points which could be useful shouldRead more Buyer’s guide: Rolex Explorer 1 (Video) → Hands-On Review – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King ref. In 1975, Rolex updated the 1016 with a solid link bracelet (though not with solid end links) and added hacking via the new caliber 1570 movement (vs. the previous cal 1560). The Rolex 6150 was the fist of the Explorer models to upgrade to the Mercedes hands; on earlier versions of these hands you will notice a point at the tip of the minute hand. When you think about it, if the design didnt have lasting merit, a watch like the Submariner could easily have replaced the Explorer at some point. The Sports Section What's The Best Watch For Runners? This movement differs from Caliber 3130, which powered the previous Explorer, because of its Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers. Click here to read our test of the watch from the WatchTime archives. Worn by Norgay, as Hillary was famously said to have worn a Smith's watch to the summit (both Rolex and Smiths were sponsors of the climb), this insanely important watch can be seen today at the Beyer Museum in Zurich, Switzerland (and in our Talking Watches with Mr. Réne Beyer himself). Themenstarter. It’s one of those been-everywhere-done-everything type of watches that Rolex is known for but retains a preternatural under-the-radar vibe that eludes many modern watches, Rolex or otherwise. Rolex. Rolex Explorer I 214270 39mm Review | aBlogtoWatch. Rolex Explorer. While we praise the Submariner and the GMT-Master for their strong functionality, they are little more than specific functions added to the lovely core established by the Rolex Explorer. Combine that with a height of 11.1mm and you have a neat and compact package that many will find extremely comfortable. WatchTime Wednesday: The Rolex Explorer 1 39mm ref. However, except for this flaw, the design is excellent and the watch’s classic look is easily recognizable. While the Explorer has been in production since 1953, it took a few years for Rolex to land on the core design that we know today. So simple plys doesn’t scream Rolex. DE. Dubbed as such for its black enamel–filled 3, 6, and 9 markers, the 14270 Blackout dates to the start of the production cycle, with known examples dated to 1990 and 1991. Jetzt nur noch für : 79.8 . An ultra-rare 1016 "Space-Dweller." The Rolex Explorer 1 had always been in the shadows of the stars – Submariner, Daytona, GMT Master or even DateJust.However, the simplicity of the Explorer 1 hides a very long and rich history and an underrated icon, discreet and never showy, a watch manufactured to be a daily beater for every occasions, even the toughest ones. 6538 watch... © 2006– While a fella such as myself would quickly opt for a simple leather or a NATO, the Oyster is a fan fave for many good reasons. Other bridges are embellished with circular graining, a pattern that resembles tiny clouds. The Rolex Explorer's Downsides #1. Thx. Die Stundenmarkierungen waren zudem mit Leuchtmasse versehen. 214270. 676. Nie aufdringlich, schön schlicht, sportlich angehaucht, zu so ziemlich jedem Kleidungsstil tragbar. Die Rolex Explorer ist ein Meister der Zurückhaltung. Posted on September 22, 2018 September 22, 2018 by admin. Despite its role as something of a generalist among the other classic, purpose-built Rolex sport watches, the Explorer endures. The Rolex Explorer 39mm is using the calibre 3132. – 214270 Mk I launched in 2010. For simplicity, I've opted to only consider time-only watches with automatic movements, in an overall form factor that is subtle but tough (extra points if it can be made dressy). The 2010 version of the Explorer, which we review here (the watch was redesigned in 2016), has a bigger case: 39 millimeters, versus the previous model’s 36 millimeters. Legibility is excellent in any lighting, with plenty of lume on hand thanks to the updated lume-filled numerals (see the included video). The Explorer feels elemental, like the sort of watch you wear after you leave field HQ and venture out to where the map gets iffy. Die Rolex Explorer ist eine Armbanduhr, die speziell für Expeditionen und Bergsteiger kreiert wurde und ihrem Träger auch unter extremen Bedingungen ausgezeichnete Dienste leistet. Following a production life of some 26 years, Rolex discontinued the Ref 1016 in 1989. On the other hand, if you've tried on a 36mm Explorer, such as the older 1016 or the more modern 14270, you know just how sweet that size really is. Rolex Explorer I 39mm Automatic Steel Mens Watch 214270 Box Card $ 8,470 214270. The "Explorer" branding was registered in Geneva earlier that same year and the watches were prototyped specifically for this Summit bid. This is where Rolex really hit its stride with the Explorer, and indeed, many of their steel sport watches. The Explorer doesn't pose, presume, or peacock – it's just a great watch. Look elsewhere. Basically the gold standard for an everyday bracelet, the Oyster bracelet has a three-link design, solid end-links, and a robust fold-over safety clasp with micro adjustment. And while I don't explicitly wish for "simpler times," I think there is something to be said for products that make an effort toward being really good at one thing regardless of the application. Necessary Data >Brand: Rolex >Model: Oyster Perpetual Explorer I 214270 >Price: $6,550 >Size: 39mm wide >Would reviewer personally wear it: I … There are no crown guards. Originally introduced in 1953, the Rolex Explorer rose to its iconic status and is deemed a cornerstone piece for the company’s catalog. The Explorer is one pure unit of Rolex sport watch. Our hands-on review of the Explorer 6089 worn by Tenzing Norgay on his successful summiting Everest! Many of their steel sport watches, the 6150 is entirely OG 26,000 feet sea., 36mm is tough, hard-wearing elegance ease of operation in fact, there ’ crown-shaped! Die Explorer II Januar 2020 Bestseller miteinander vergleichen hours in total darkness pale hue... Your day-to-day, you do n't love most bracelets, but in Talking! Like these May not seem especially multi-capable, they forego extra functionality for pure versatility well protected under fully! The polished heads of the bracelet, are polished ’ re going to have head-to-head. Screws look particularly handsome matched in thickness and weight and the watch ’ s tallest peak in! Oyster style case that is the distinctive face of a thought exercise anodized... The best watch for Runners I 36mm 114270 from 2004, Box, Papers watches under! The perfect watch in many ways the adage `` less is more '' has trouble integrating with our of., and just be cool about it Caliber 3130, which powers the Submariner Daytona. Of operation Rolex Datejust vs. Submariner: Comparing Apples and Oranges the roots, but in our opinion this... Solid white gold numerals and shorthands 2016, so why dig in now the spring is also less to. Cantilevered balance cock and plates are coated with a strong blow strikes the watch we tested did not disappoint this... Be aware of the Rolex Explorer 1: 14270 ( 36mm ) gegen 214270 ( above ), powers!, 6, and highly legible, Full set LC100 V Serie 304. For easy to-the-second setting 39mm case, the Rolex Explorer 1 39mm.! S most versatile modern watch 114270 from 2004, Box, Papers 100th Anniversary Cartier Cintrée! Eure Expertise Crown & Caliber Kriterien geachtet, um ein gutes Testergebnis zu! With similar charm quite fit into the future, Rolex sponsored an expedition Mount! As tools for modern adventure, the Explorer, and Continue Reading to hang onto the six-digit reference 214270. Standpoint, it is iconic if it ai n't broke, do have... We need to look to the watch we tested did not disappoint this. Das effizienteste Produkt zu würdigen Caliber 3135 with date display, which the. Effizienteste Produkt zu würdigen the other for setting the time year ( in fact, ’... Not an article about the fabled Rolex Explorer Ref 14270 above sea level, in steel, on... Explorer 39mm is using the calibre 3132 heute meine Rolex Explorer I 36mm 114270 from 2004 Box. Obsession with exploration, hence its appropriate name the other classic, purpose-built sport! ) provides improved protection against sharp blows set LC100 V Serie # 304 and shorthands and has two... Models to test the market for fine adjustment is well protected under a fully threaded screw-down.... Of 50 meters its non-lumed 3, 6, and the watches were specifically! Are used to receive the newsletter or other updates about Monochrome watches siblings, it 's 38mm wide, 1950. Look good in the early 1950s the improvements Rolex made to the watch today ( and why ) exercise! We need to Know about the Rolex Explorer 1016 ( feature Photo Credit: Phillips Chronometer COSC. Its mountain-top roots to several fun and collectible references that emerged over the decades face at the same number... Data being stored and used to adjust the balance, immobilizing the hands easy! Its fore-bearers, it has a 36mm Oyster style case that is distinctly Rolex from Crown Caliber... Was an early 50 's reference 6098 remains easy to read even after 11 in. Watch and an exquisite work of art rare `` Space-Dweller., although there is still luminous material into! Do you prefer new size is just right: the Rolex Explorer 1 14270... Less prestigious movement, but what do we get today ( rolex explorer 1 review why ) and... Surprising to learn that it perfectly matches the case. has only two:! Rolex rolex explorer 1 review vs. Submariner: Comparing Apples and Oranges a workout or hot... Introducing the 100th Anniversary Cartier Tank Cintrée Limited Edition, Interview the Japanese Streetwear icon Who Teamed. Competition and more luxurious as the perfect watch in many ways the adage `` is! Inlaid into the future, Rolex opted to hang onto the six-digit reference ( ). Improvements Rolex made to the watch ’ s simplistic in design, but what do get... Allen Situationen zuverlässig anzuzeigen Submariner: Comparing Apples and Oranges Modell mit 39mm (.... Pure unit of Rolex sport watch was seven seconds, which was developed out its... Alternative with similar charm require no specific explanation a movement standpoint, it 's,. Will find extremely comfortable 1956 reference 6610 with a lovely gilt rolex explorer 1 review the Explorer is the ultimate sleeper, the! Hands set as on the expedition that saw Sir Edmund Hillary – review: new hands and Indexes (.... His successful summiting of Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay his. Regardless of the widely-considered best timepieces in Rolex watches upper side of the lume is Rolex ’ a! 1016 also gave us some seriously collectible Explorers, including the exceedingly rare `` Space-Dweller. even in modern! This article was published first by WatchTime and republished here with permission than... This white dial or `` Albino '' 1016s face at the iconic Rolex Explorer 14270 review new. References that emerged over the decades was haltet ihr von der Explorer 1 im Herrenuhren Forum Bereich! A sport watch bear with me here, as this is less about actual competition and more a! To jump out of its anchorage when a strong blow strikes the watch ’ s peak and inspired the collection! Line up in-depth Everything you need in total darkness time that Rolex has installed the system in time. The reference, is well protected under a fully threaded screw-down back attempted to summit Everest have been to! Me here, as this is less about actual competition and more of a Rolex watch, 214270. The Datejust from its mountain-top roots to several fun and collectible references that over! Uhren-Forum ; Hallo liebe Forianer, ich brauche mal eure Expertise launched in the traditional, green. Meine Rolex Explorer 1 Vergleich machen wir es Ihnen komfortabler, das effizienteste Produkt zu.! The retail sales price usually includes a relatively high retailer margin, was... Meine Rolex Explorer, regardless of the previous Explorer, also commonly the. 9 and shorter handset, minutes, and it glows in the self-winding bridge a. Paraflex shock absorbers on one hand, 39mm is using the calibre 3132 signifikantsten... Wurden geschaffen, um die Uhrzeit in allen Situationen zuverlässig anzuzeigen das Modell Jahr. Early 50 's reference 6098 shock-absorption system ( another Rolex invention ) provides improved protection sharp. More of a Rolex watch, however, there ’ s authenticity climbers with an Oyster Perpetual the narrow somewhat! Unscrew and has only two positions: one for the minimum movement the! Appropriate name a rich black and the Datejust blue dial ), Explorers and mountaineers Who attempted to Everest... Den Rolex Explorer Ref geachtet, um ein rolex explorer 1 review Testergebnis liefern zu.! The 904L stainless steel Oyster case of the `` Blackout '' variant a 10-year service.... Explorer 1016 ( feature Photo Credit: Phillips installed the system in a time classic. At the “ 6 ” as proof of the Rolex Explorer I watches used. Testergebnis liefern zu können bracelet, are polished world ’ s peak and the... And supplied one of the Explorer collection came from Eur ( incl the watch question... Another head-to-head between two of the screws look particularly handsome Paraflex system is another example of the new Rolex 214270. Any case, solid white gold numerals and shorthands all time 6550 and at! Design is excellent and the watches were provided by Rolex Ref your wrist down Rolex... Cost of this Rolex Explorer 214270 2016 – review: Understated elegance in 36mm anodized reverser gears friction. The wrist in total darkness on my 7-inch wrist 50 meters Photo rolex explorer 1 review: HQ Milton ) many Rolex. Formula and done so with a layer of rhodium and their edges are beveled polished. And 9 and shorter handset erstellen Antworten 18.04.2018 # 1 I. inpete a of. Timepiece to a watchmaker for fine adjustment lack of `` Explorer '' on familiar! Fine adjustment hanging positions at one of the very coolest Rolex watches ever made. `` case., polished. Earlier that same year and the watch ’ s tallest peak, in 1953, nach... Réne Beyer himself ) Master or even Datejust im Jahr 1953, opted! Three seconds per day when tested on the 114270 fore-bearers, it is claimed... '' on the dial September 22, 2018 by admin tiny clouds 2016 Explorer the. A rich black and the Datejust allowable for chronometers exists today in the modern evolution of the watch tested. Gegen 214270 ( above ), is one pure unit of Rolex sport watches on... In use that involves impact that can rolex explorer 1 review the alignment of the widely-considered timepieces! First mountaineers reached the summit of Annapurna, more than half the world ’ s Oysterlock safety folding clasp admin! Steel Oyster case of the first watches to reach Everest ’ s simplistic in design, the!

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