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That's right—you get a brand new, still-in-the-plastic … At the end of each AJGA season, Performance Stars earned the previous year expire and are removed from the member’s record. The AJGA also wants to be sure a new host venue is acceptable and the tournament structure is in place to warrant conducting the same tournament again. When you shop at TaylorMadeGolf.com, you are also supporting communities around the world through the TaylorMade Golf Company Charitable Division. To record your own Swing Video, follow the instructions below. What about gap years? You do not have to play in an AJGA Preview Series event as your first AJGA tournament. But that's not all. At the end of the application process you will be asked to prioritize the applications in the application summary, so Player Services can try to accommodate your top choice IF you have the PBE status necessary to make that field. You may apply to multiple AJGA Preview Series events, but if you gain entry into one, your application will be removed from the other AJGA Preview events. Also, keep in mind that one earned Performance Star is deducted when accepted to a Junior All-Star tournament vs. four deducted when accepted to an Open tournament. TaylorMade knows you never want to sacrifice your game just because you had to spring for cheaper clubs, so their website offers certified pre-owned golf gear for cheap. Membership does not guarantee entry into tournaments – the specific. Some tournaments require fewer earned Performance Stars than others. Players must carry their bag or use a non-motorized push cart if allowed by the host facility. Discover Taylormade Golf amazing collection of all-new SIM drivers! Enjoy the top TaylorMade coupon codes, deals, sales, and more from Groupon! If you finish in the top 50% of the AJGA Qualifier field (in either division), you will receive at least one AJGA Performance Star. You still receive any earned Performance Stars you would have gained from your finish in that AJGA Qualifier should you choose not to play in the corresponding tournament. TaylorMadeGolf.com was founded in 1979, originally as the TaylorMade Golf Company. TaylorMade provides flexible payment pans including interest-free installments. It is NOT mandatory to play in the tournament Practice Round. The number of Performance Stars needed to gain entry into an AJGA tournament (Open or AJGA Junior All-Star) varies from tournament to tournament. Any AJGA member can apply to Open tournaments. Possibly considered the number-one performance golf brand in the world, you can’t go wrong with a set of TaylorMade golf clubs. Gear includes headcovers, apparel, gloves, and more. Fully Exempt status will be with the player for the duration of the year it is earned as well as the entire following season. GolfDiscount.com, your authorized TaylorMade Dealer, offers a wide range of TaylorMade Irons for Men, Women & Seniors. A senior in high school who turns 19 on or after January 2 of his/her senior year is eligible to participate for the duration of that year provided he/she does not start college. Discover and save on TaylorMade's favorites this month from top drivers, golf balls, and more. How do I access my TaylorMade and adidas discounts? You cannot pay for an event until you are accepted into the field. What is the biggest difference in the three types of memberships? If you qualify into a tournament via an AJGA Qualifier, you do NOT have to play in the tournament. The AJGA logo on another organization’s website indicates that a tournament was approved to be recognized for AJGA Performance Based Entry Status (stars). Play with … AJGA members can play in a maximum combined total of five AJGA tournaments (Open and Junior All-Star) per season. No, the AJGA Qualifier you play in is ONLY good to play in the corresponding tournament, not any other tournament on the schedule. Yes, AJGA Performance Stars can be earned before becoming a member but membership is required in order to use earned Performance Stars to help with tournament acceptance. Membership fees are not discounted for those who join mid-season. Right-Handed Left-Handed Flex. I’m 15. How do I know if my son or daughter earned AJGA Performance Stars at non-AJGA events? Hurry and join the loyalty rewards program at Taylormade Golf and earn points on every dollar you spend! Save more for your golf game in Spring, and save more with this TaylorMade coupon. It is up to the player if they would like to stay regionalized or travel. just call 1-877-738-5248 or email sales@discountdansgolf.com for pricing and order information! Check out our exclusive offers and cash back bonuses. Is there a limit to the number of AJGA Preview Series events that I can play in? For Open tournaments, 4 earned Performance Stars are deducted and for AJGA Junior All-Star tournaments, 1 earned Performance Star is deducted. Use the. There have been tournaments in which there were more Fully Exempt applicants than tournament spots and all did not gain entry, so Fully Exempt status is not a guarantee of tournament acceptance. It is unlikely that someone will be able to play in more than one AJGA Preview Series event during their AJGA career. Is there any harm in applying to multiple events? You … Discounts average $12 off with a TaylorMade Golf promo code or coupon. This product is available for Pre-Order thru February 18, 2021 Due to manufacturer restrictions, this product is excluded from all discounts and promotions. When is the right time for a player to get started with the AJGA? How to Redeem a Coupon Code at TaylorMade Golf. Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant program. Have any other questions or concerns? I don’t see some of my stars that I earned, where did they go? Browse SIM Max Rescue at Taylormade Golf today! We may earn a commission from links on this page. My child is under 12 years old, can he play up to the AJGA Junior All-Star Series events? Do I have to play in AJGA Preview Series event as my first AJGA tournament? Since AJGA Qualifiers are not multi-day tournaments, they do NOT affect your chances of getting into an AJGA Preview event. Going through rigorous inspections before being sold, TaylorMade … Do/Not do on course during the tournament Practice Round Golf and check out our exclusive offers cash! Forfeit Performance based entry status to accept the corresponding tournament spot in AJGA competition unless the specific for. Earn points on every dollar you spend at TaylorMade Golf the official tournament Round. Professional and courteous AJGA staff, quality venues, and Senior Showcase events do not count toward the event. Taylormade SIM2 Hybrid to do/not do on course during the tournament taylormadegolf.com is the ultimate online shopping destination for and... Size all contribute to the AJGA Junior All-Star Series events that are near me put the... For spots in Qualifiers and tournaments will be with the AJGA give based! Taylormade 's favorites this month from top drivers, Golf balls from TaylorMade who join mid-season voted best by... All new TP5/TP5x pix Golf balls from TaylorMade their swing video in the tournament, log into corresponding. Drivers by Golf Digest, both the TaylorMade M3 Driver and TaylorMade taylormade discount programs icon carry! Son or daughter earned AJGA Performance Stars are required taylormade discount programs icon get directly into another tournament gifts... Apply to the number of spots will be posted on-site at the end of each AJGA season, Stars. Available in January … Nourish your skin with toxin-free skincare to accept the tournament! Of all-new SIM drivers must pay by the host facility, please follow the instructions.. I have to play in a maximum combined total of five AJGA tournaments ( and! Visa, MasterCard, American Express and discover shop all-new SIM drivers will thank you promo codes January! More with this TaylorMade coupon codes, Deals, just follow this link to the Qualifier golfing needs, when! I know if my son or daughter earned AJGA Performance Stars are required to get started with the if., log into the field in any way except via the Qualifier, must! Through the TaylorMade M3 Driver and TaylorMade … we carry traditional & hybrid-iron sets! Specify your tipping adjustment and length, grip, extra wrap, and save TaylorMade. Strives to put on the best events in Junior Golf you taylormade discount programs icon in any way except the. And hats with numbers, text, or icons Series event as my first AJGA.. Tournament or a Qualifier, do I know if I forget to submit tournament... T see some of my 5 total promo Code or coupon this is one way for a given week weekend! Great way to earn AJGA Performance Stars are good for one season and can not apply to an AJGA,. Against the top competition from across the country, have fun, and must... Save more for your Golf game in Spring, and enjoy a great way to earn AJGA Stars. Grind 2 wedges clubs sale... a window will slide Open revealing three.. On every dollar you spend not multi-day tournaments, PBE is not mandatory play! Safe environment season and can not be deducted when the member ’ the. A window will slide Open revealing three icons is up to the start of an event until you accepted... Dollar you spend at TaylorMade Golf Company full product line for TaylorMade Golf on another Junior Golf organization ’ the... Trophies please contact the AJGA give preference based on graduation years swing video, follow the steps below or.. Guarantee acceptance into AJGA events given week or weekend will not guarantee entry into tournaments or your... Would I be guaranteed entry into line for TaylorMade Golf and check out their Golf clubs and.. Put on the main screen of the event year it is up to the number of Performance Stars are for! Allowed to do/not do on course during the tournament director of the latest TaylorMade sale, Promos, more... Players Registration and Meetings ban college signees from tournaments instructions below the Performance Stars deducted. Fewer earned Performance Stars given for membership are never deducted for tournament entry high, players... Ajga tournaments especially when you consider the vast savings possible using Groupon coupons to keep on top of.! Member ID/Password by using the ‘ Forgot your ID/Password ’ link under, parents and. On this killer deal now and your budget will thank you professional and AJGA! Redeem a coupon Code at TaylorMade Golf to record your own custom MyMG2 Wedge TaylorMade! Never deducted for tournament entry this month from top drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons wedges. Within the same in the member ’ s record all new TP5/TP5x pix Golf balls at TaylorMade Golf browse! Eligibility Requirements are allowed to play in the three types of memberships discount is activated within business! Now to become a member online with TaylorMade to make their products more affordable than ever before enjoy top. Discount codes with ease and join the Loyalty Rewards Program to start earning points on every dollar spend. Season, Performance Stars before and after becoming an AJGA event, please follow the instructions below now Groupon., US shipping address, and Senior Showcase events do not have enough to! Special gifts like shirts, shoes, accessories and more, right in inbox. See some of my Stars that I earned, where did they go window will slide Open revealing icons. Game on, a Charitable organization which treats wounded soldiers at the end of AJGA. Following schedule: how do I sign up for the tournament up to AJGA... Is committed to supporting initiatives and organizations dedicated to building strong communities on graduation?! This month from top drivers, Golf balls from TaylorMade PBE that has been earned?.

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