soviet installation challenges

soviet installation challenges

It's to the southeast of the campfire next to the fence. 130. Upon completion of these side-missions, it's also a good idea to take on the second of the Soviet Installation map's Challenge Tombs - The Voice of God before progressing further with the story. Soviet Installation Challenges Soviet Installation - Data Corruption. Challenge Tomb #2: Ancient Cistern. The following flag is in the Copper Mill Yard entrance to the left of the campfire. Unexpected Discovery. Soviet Installation - Data Corruption Destroy 10 red laptops. Soviet Installation, interactive Map for Rise of the Tomb Raider with every Collectible, Monoliths, Archivist Maps and Explorer Satchels 130. Soviet Installation Summary Among the Enemy Prison Break The Way Out Get Out of Dodge Alone Again Abandoned Mines Summary Shortcut Geothermal Valley Summary ... Siberian Wilderness Challenges Glacial Cavern Mongolian Passage Base Camp Glacial Cavern Tombs Soviet Installation Installation Vista Base Camp Train Yard Base Camp 22. Unexpected Discovery. ), This laptop is the seventh if you destroy them in order during your first playthrough, but if you return later, just fast travel to the Gulag Base Camp, head up the hill to the south, make a U-turn to the left, wade through the water-filled trench, and climb the ladder into the shack above. COLLECTIBLES TO FIND Strongboxes: 2 Survival Caches: 1 Coin Caches: 3 CHALLENGES Capture the Flag - Cut down all of the Soviet flags. Like all challenges, these can be obtained in any order. * Tool URL: ), This cave is on the north side of the main area, west of the Sheltered Ridge Base Camp and below and south of the Communications Tower Camp. In order to beat this challenge, you must enter 5 of the 11 caves in the Soviet Installation. ), Same with the fifth laptop. All rights reserved. A. ), The next cave is just east of the abandoned sawmill. They are located throughout the main Soviet Installation area, with one at the entrance of the Copper Yard Mill. for (i=0;i

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